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How do I set up BT Cloud?

Here's a quick guide for setting up BT Cloud:

1. Registration

  1. Log in to using your BT ID
  2. Go to My Extras
  3. Click on the BT Cloud panel and Get Started

2. Download the application

  • Download BT Cloud then open up BT Cloud App to activate it

3. Saving to BT Cloud

  • Tick Photos box to auto-back up your Photos
  • Tick Music box to auto-back up your Music
  • Tick Videos box to auto-back up your Videos
  • Open up My Folders button and select individual files you want to save

4. Sync & Share

  • Download BT Cloud to your mobile, tablet and computer
  • Go to on to your other devices to sync your photos, music and videos across all of them
  • Turn on auto back-up to make sure all your stuff is safely stored in your BT Cloud


Detailed instructions for setting up from a PC or Mac

Setting up BT Cloud from an Android device, iPhone, iPad or Windows 8 Phone

From a Windows 8 mobile device

Help downloading and setting up on a Windows 8 mobile deviceHelp downloading and setting up on a Windows 8 mobile device

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